Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

My hero~!!

My Super Hero is My best friend. Because one day in the Korea.

My friends, and me go to the swimming pool. I and my friends play swimming, but my leg is a.. litter some problem…

My lag is do not move. My best! Best! Friend is find my and save my

I’m so happy because I’m live, I’m very very thank for my friend.


Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009

- Baduy Question -

1. What is Baduy?

2. What is Baduy Job?

3. What Baduy religion?

4. Where live Baduy?

5. How many Baduy live in Indonesia?

Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

Exhibition Reflection

 On 28th and 29th, grade 5 had an Exhibition. First day, we showed our booth to Pre K ~ grade 3. Before they were coming, our group, the Gold Hunters was ready for show our booth to people. We put our names at the top of the booth, we made the photos straight and we were practicing our presentation together. Then they were coming! They asked question to us. I’m really surprised because also the Pre-K asked question to us. It was actually really easy questions but our group answered the questions. One boy said to us “Why is the gold truck so big?” I was really interested to answer the questions from the Pre-K.


 After we showed them our booth, we went to the studio and we showed our presentation named “Our trip to Sumbawa”. This comic was about what we did in Sumbawa and what we learned. I also helped with Yoga’s comic. I was really nervous because I had never stood in front of this many people before. 


 Second day, and we showed our booth to grades 4~6. I was more nervous than yesterday because they might ask more questions to us. The grade 4 asked more questions more than grade 7. After we showed our booth, we went inside the studio and we showed our presentation named, “Gold Mine Sketch Up”. We showed the Gold Mine that we saw in Sumbawa using the program  “Sketch Up”. I also was really excited in Isfan’s presentation because I had never seen this program before.


 After I finished the Exhibition, I could be more knowledgeable because I got a lot of information. I also know why the water is green what is inside a gold mine.  

Rabu, 22 April 2009


1. Why gold is expensive?

= gold is a scarce resource. it is difficult to find and to extract. it is also quite beautiful. it's rarity, beauty and desireability make it expensive.

- -

2. Word first by discover gold?

=Hope diamond.

- -

3. Can I find out where my gold jewellery manufactured?

=Depending on the country that your gold jewellery was purchased in you may be able to tell where the gold jewellery was manufactured from the hallmarking on the item.


Minggu, 19 April 2009

(golf courses) There are some golf courses in city
(shopping centre) There are some shopping centre in city
(International Schools) There are some International Schools in city
(ice rinks) There are some ice rinks in jakarta.
(virtual reality game centreThere are some virtual reality game centre in jakarta.
(movie theatre) There are some virtual reality movie theatre in city.
(hospitals) There are some hospitals in city.
(car wash centre) There are some car wash centre in jakarta.
(photocopy centre) There are some photocopy centre in city
(chair lifts) There are some chair lifts in jakarta.

Selasa, 14 April 2009

Uncountable Nouns

There is a lot of gold in Indonesia.

There is a lot of copper in Korea.

There is a lot of silver in Canada.